A few random nodes of personal musing:

I am a Jersey girl; reared in the urban/suburban areas of the northern part of the sandwiched armpit. (Yes, the portion of the turnpike that I drive through to reach my parents’ abode, smells like the buried landfills it over passes.)

I attended American University (2003-2007) in Washington DC, where I majored in Graphic Design (concentrating on User Interface Development) and minored in Environmental Science. AU paid my tuition all four years. I’m grateful.

To my chagrin and to the amusement of the NJ natives, my accent fluctuates because of my split residence. I spend about half of my time below the Mason Dixon line in Northern Virginia, though I still have Jersey plates. Yet, historic Old Town and the Potomac embrace me, as do Montclair and the Hudson.

I am enamored with the power of blogs as edifying content distribution points and community building agents. My Google Reader is well stocked with eclectic subscriptions. I will definitely blog with poignant professional purpose in the near future.

In a few self doting words, I am a laid back, hard worker with a great appreciation for dry humor and written genius. I love pushing pixels.

Concerning the tools of the trade:

  • Proficient in Adobe Illustrator, InDesign, Photoshop, GoLive, Dreamweaver, Acrobat, Flash.
  • Familiar with Joomla!, prefer WordPress.
  • Familiar with Final Cut Pro, Adobe After Effects, Fireworks.
  • Extremely functional knowledge of web development XHTML & CSS.
  • Fundamental background of object oriented programming languages with introductory usage of JAVA and subsequently a rudimentary but functional understanding of Javascript and Actionscript.

About Vajaah

A web designer taking the scenic route to success.
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